Blockstack for crowdfunding applications

Hi everyone!

I’ve had a short experience with Blockstack on the past (tried to contribute to the browser development for some time but due to some personal issues it was not possible at the time) and now I’m again looking at the project as the way to go with a personal project. I want to re-implement Catarse ( - as a descentralized application.

Catarse is basically a crowdfunding platform, currently covering the all-or-nothing, flexible and a patreon-like crowdfunding models. There are 2 key aspects of this project that I consider fundamental, and that are the main reason we’ve been looking to blockstack as the platforms we are moving forward with this project: ownership of data + some anti-censorship protection (from an application level perspective) and the ability to transact in bitcoin (

I still have to re-dive into blockstack and check the current status of the platform from a technical perspective, but I thought of start gathering some opinion on the project and on how it’s development would fit the current stage blockstack it and the direction it wants to take.

So I would like to ask you if you could provide me some feedback about how ready blockstack, if it would be a good fit for such a project, and where should we concentrate our initial efforts. Any feedback will be really welcomed!

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