Blockstack featured in the MIT TechReview

Here is the link to the article:

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A comment on the TechReview article:

Snow Monkey • 10 minutes ago
If Blockstack is truly going to provide personal control over data in a re-structured internet environment, where it is inaccessible to centralized data manipulation, search engines (and variants), and all manner of social networking schemes - then it is important for them to take note that they are tampering with the money machine that has been erected. Accordingly, I would fear for the lives of the leadership of the company and its major investors.

I believe he is referring to the ad networks business. I highly doubt that the ad networks folks can come after the lives of developers/investors if they start losing their business. Also, their business is likely to stay alive and decline gradually (like traditional retailers vs. Amazon) for years.

Anyway, interesting comment that shows how disruptive Blockstack can be :wink: