Blockstack Early Evidence

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There’s a list of external links validating the possibility of Blockstack to disrupt and make a positive impact on user privacy & security. Wanted to share with you all:

Blockstack Early Evidence

Some early evidence that Blockstack could:

  • Disrupt big data monopolies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Linkedin…
  • Become the core infrastructure for Web 3.0
  • Have a huge positive impact on user privacy and security

Washington post covers #DeleteFacebook and how tech like Blockstack is the future

Dave Morin wants to build Path 2.0 on Blockstack

Union Square Venture makes big bet that Blockstack is the future

Example of a decentralized Instagram built on Blockstack

Wired covers a decentralized Google docs built on Blockstack

Conversation between Naval Ravikant and Ryan Shea

Naval Ravikant lists Blockstack as the project he is most excited about for decentralized apps

Fred Wilson featured Muneeb’s talk on Blockstack on

Muneeb and Ryan are technical advisors to the new season of Silicon Valley

New York Times article featuring Blockstack

Fred Wilson on Dapps and Blockstack

Blockstack featured at a testimony to US Congress

If you have other links to suggest to add, please comment/reply here or on slack!

For example, I would love a link to this:

Balaji (a16z and CEO lists Blockstack as the best way to start building decentralized apps in a Q/A ( a community member tweeted a screen shot in the past?).


Sir Tim Berners Lee – who invented World Wide Web, has Blockstack ID too.


The evidence is in the apps!



Yes the evidence is in leadership and team!!

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Yes. Blockstack Apps could disrupt x, y, z. Very important for the community to understand this.

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This is truly amazing!
He has a blockstack ID!

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Some recent additions of Blockstack Early Evidence:

Kevin Rose Podcast featuring Muneeb Ali

The Guardian article on Decentralization & the next big steps

Off The Chain Podcast featuring Muneeb Ali and Transcript

Off The Chain Podcast featuring Ryan Shea

Hackernoon Article on Blockstack’s Growth