Blockstack-Core connection problem in China

I am Gavin from China

Recently I found it is really hard for Chinese network to connect with blockstack official node “”. Because many people (most of them are investors or token holders) told me that the stacks wallet has a long delay in balance query and token transfer. And I found it is caused by Chinese Firewall, the “” are blocked in most of China, and the stacks wallet use “” and “” etc… as constant server addresses.

This test from “” (a websites to test network from all over the world) shows the fact that most of Chinese servers are in a high package-loss-rate when visiting “”.

I know anyone could clone the code from Blockstack-core repo and launch a new node in a short time. Today I want to discuss with our community another question : node-governance.

I have focusing on every topic of forum for a very long time. But really few of them refer to launching core-nodes and connecting with official core-node or building a truly distributed network. From my perspective, for StackV1 maybe it is not really necessary. But for Stack V2 I think our community should pay more attention to this area, building a distributed network around the world. Etherum has infura to response every request everywhere, maybe Blockstack also needs some infrastructure like this to make the community more decentralized (if we don’t such an infrastructure, it will influence use experience in some way because people cannot connect the best server in distributed network).

Any suggestions or thoughts of this I am really glad to hear and happy to discuss with.

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