Blockstack Connect is on Blocksurvey

We are happy to announce that Blockstack Connect has been incorporated into Blocksurvey today.
Definitely it is going be an excellent onboarding experience for new users. Thanks to the team from Blockstack.

We are onboarding a few paying customers in a few week’s time and Connect will help us to move forward a lot.

Try Let us know if there is any feedback or suggestions.


Nice work mate! Just tried it, my only comment is the UI. The sign-in process takes the whole space in the web app, I think it could be positioned better.

Thanks Louise. Do you mean the additional login page shown during sign up?

I have an existing id and couldn’t get that to work.

Sorry to hear that. Were you trying to login using the secret key taken from Any errors seen?


] This, it just takes up the whole space in the desktop version.

Louise, interesting to see this. Sending a DM.

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If I have an existing ID why do I have to put my secret key in?

With the new Blockstack Connect, I see the previous session is not maintained. Users have to re-enter their keys to authenticate first time and they will all set there after. Can you see if you are facing the same with

It asks me for my secret key everytime I go to banter. Also is my key stored in

I’m able to sign in into the Blockstack Connect using the keys recovered from and I see the session maintained. I’ll watch this if it is happening for others as well.

It asks me for my secret key every time.