Blockstack community rewards - Pending withdraw

Hey there,
I had made some BTC on the blockstack community rewards website, and I asked to withdraw the funds to my personal wallet over a month ago but the withdraw is still pending. I couldn’t find any support section in the website, so I hope someone in here can help me?

Can you let me know the username and BTC address it was being sent to.

Thank you for the reply,
My user name in the community rewards website is @ thiago , and the BTC address the rewards are being sent to is: 3AxFdyiccpDJFrNYpeLvwgqpwMSd6vLHk8

The withdraw request was made on Jan 16th 2020.
Thanks again,

This was already processed. Let me know if you have further questions

Thank you!

@muneeb @patrick @cuevasm @livpayawal I am trying to log into to access and retrieve my bitcoin / stacks reward, but the webpage is not available. Could someone assist me on this?