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Anyone know who developed the Chrome Blockstack extension . I get wierd response in my browser when I try to get rid of the extension. I like the extension and do not want to eliminate it because the home menu has Dapps I find have potential for business exploration. My worry is, Can my ID be compromised my a rogue app? There is an app called mywhereabouts, (iOS), looks very interesting but t’s tracking my location. Can they obtain a copy of the data. I dont believe a major amount of these apps have been reviewed by an app mining service. Just wondering peoples thoughts.

HI that would be @MichaelFedora I believe. Pinged here…he is frequently around and responsive.


Hey there! That’s odd that you get a weird response, it should be able to be removed like a normal extension, I just tested it and it worked.

Your ID can’t be compromised by a rogue app – while they can record all the data they claim to save in your Gaia Hub, and your ID’s public address, it cannot access your Blockstack account (wallet, edit your profile, other app’s data, your private key, etc.).

The app technically can save your data elsewhere, which is why I recommend only using open source apps.

For only using App Mining verified apps, that will come when allows me to sort by those apps only (it would help to sort out all those “animal kingdom apps”, at least). I raised a github issue for it a while ago so hopefully it gets implemented sometime soon.

If you want to stop the app from tracking you, remove its location permission via chrome://settings/content/location. This isn’t tied to the extension, only to the site, and you will remain logged in whether or not you have the extension (until you log out).

Thanks for using my extension!

Thanks for getting back to me. Great app. Great info. Be well

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