Blockstack Chicago visit this summer?

Does the Blockstack team have any plans to visit Chicago soon?

I help organize for the Chicago Bitcoin & Open Blockchain Community and could help get space for a meeting and could also help get the word out to the crypto/developer community here in Chicago.

A little bit more about us:

Meetup Members – 2,550+ (largest bitcoin/blockchain meetup in Chicago)

Ethos – We believe in the power of open blockchains to promote human freedom and prosperity. The group has three goals (1) develop a thriving community in Chicago, (2) provide quality open blockchain education and educational resources, (3) connect Chicago to the global open blockchain community.

Programming – We offer 3 “products” to community members:
{Workshop} – Events aimed at bringing in insightful speakers/companies from the bitcoin and open blockchain ecosystem, intended for a broad audience.
{Developer} – A software developer series focused on enhancing local developer’s technical and practical expertise programming with bitcoin and open blockchains.
{Social} - Social, no-agenda events for bitcoin and open blockchain enthusiasts.

I think we could host Blockstack team members for both a technical {Developer} meetup and also a {Workshop}.

Let me know!


That would be great!

Tagging @cuevasm & @clintnelsen to get the ball rolling!

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Great, thanks Larry.

@cuevasm & @clintnelsen , when the time is right, please feel reach out. No rush but it’d be great to have you some time before summer’s over.

You bet and thanks for reahing out, this would be a lot of fun! Will you send us a super quick note to [email protected], even just linking to this post? We can start roping in the right people and getting the details ironed out - we may even be able to help with a venue. Looking forward to talking with you shortly!