Blockstack business model

I’m about to get involved in the project and was wonderin:
how do you guys plan to earn money to pay off your recently acquired investors?


Our investors share our long-term vision and are interested in building an open-source ecosystem. There is no pressure on us to return anyone’s money. We’ve done enterprise deals in the past that generated revenue. While that’s an option, we’re not actively pursuing it and focusing exclusively on building the open-source ecosystem instead.

There is also a Blockstack token that follows the fat protocol thesis of sustaining an open network over a long period of time and giving the participants the right incentives.

Happy to answer any other questions. Thanks,

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@muneeb, is there any precedence for how you see Blockstack, as a company, operating within the community/ecosystem of the protocols? Maybe for Wordpress, Mozilla for desktop web standards, or some other example?

I’m very interested to understand how the Blockstack team and investors are incentivized exactly. If you’re not at liberty to message that publicly, no hard feelings. That just makes me feel a little uneasy and less inclined to invest in the community.

Another example of what I’m interested in understanding: do you envision other companies creating a competing browser, on the same protocols?

Any further explanation of how your company’s role in this ecosystem is helpful. It feels like the internet, as we know it today, does not have one company who is as prominent as Blockstack would be in this new iteration of the internet. Thanks for any insight you can sare!