Blockstack Bug Fix Sprint in Review - August 29, 2018

Last sprint (August 13 - August 24), we worked on the following issues, with fixes merged:

Standardize treatment of TLDs in Search endpoint

Hotfix deployed to and released in blockstack-core master branch.

Old profile location in zonefile would cause login to fail or hang

Patched and shipped in browser 0.31.1

Subdomains don’t work with social proofs

This was addressed in both blockstack.js and the latest browser releases

Auth displays “Logging in…” indefinitely and never completes

This was addressed in the latest browser releases

Home screen app icons broken in Firefox

This is addressed in the 0.33.0 release of the browser

Clear-auth page hangs on load

This is addressed in te 0.33.0 release of the browser


As always, if you addressed or resolved an issue this past sprint, and it wasn’t included above, please reply with the issue!