Blockstack Browser v0.30 Update

Download links:

Web app

This public alpha release features:

  • Ability to register sponsored usernames after sign up
  • Bug fixes

Windows Notes

This release is signed by “Blockstack PBC”
The installer is a ‘multiple-context’ installer. If you run it as a user, it will install only for that user. If you run it as administrator, it will install for all users.

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Hi @yukan. How would that feature work, about sponsored usernames?

@jefvanbockryck You can create sponsored names when you create an account or by clicking on the Add a username button after you’ve created an account.

@yukan. When I click “Add a username” the search doesn’t’ allow me to enter subdomain names. Or better, the search box doesn’t allow me to enter a “.”.
Secondly, this flow doesn’t allow me to give this username to another user, which I thought was the idea when you sponsor someones name.

@jefvanbockryck you don’t need to enter a . character or the full username. The browser will check if the name is available for the id.blockstack domain automatically.

You can’t give the username to another user, that is not what’s meant by “sponsored”. Instead sponsored names are registered for you for free by the entity that owns the domain. i.e. id.blockstack It functions the same way as a normal username.

OK, I get it. The sponsoring is only by Blockstack for the id.blockstack domain.