Blockstack Browser Login Issue

Hello All,
I have received as below message, and somehow my password is not fit, I can not use the browser. How can I create the new password for browser login?
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The Message:
We have updated the browser.
Please enter your password to migrate your data to the new version.
The password you entered when you created this Blockstack ID.

Hi @1Nc6WTP9ze6x89yMYoTm,

You can reset your browser, recover your Blockstack ID with your 12 word passphrase, and set a new password when you go through the sign-in flow:

How do I get that “create p/w” screen? I get “email address you used” and then “enter the p/w” (see below), so can’t set a new p/w :frowning:

========== from another thread ========
This is all bollux’d up. I have a passphrase and an id ( and, now, 4 different passwords to use “from when you created your id” and NONE of these passwords work. I even changed my password before resetting the browser, and the new one doesn’t work. The “sign in flow” does NOT allow a new p/w to be associated with my id (pass phrase) and email, thus, it looks like I need to abandon (forever?!?) my id b/c I can’t use my password or reset it?

Sorry, but wtf is wrong here? The browser app (local:8888) seems broken. Oh, and I am using Safari. i want to switch to Chrome (b/c Safari doesn’t work for apps like Coins), but I can’t LOGIN ON CHROME. Holy smokes, this is SO frustrating!!