Blockstack as DNS for FreedomBox

By default FreedomBox can’t provide any features that require a connection from the “internet” back to your FreedomBox at home behind a router. The solutions we currently offer are not fit for a recommended default or an auto-set-up.

Can Blockstack possibly fill that gap?

Wow! FreedomBox looks like a really cool project!

Adding a Blockstack node to FreedomBox would be amazing - it would allow users to have a trusted node for storage and name look up.

You could also use it as a blockchain-based replacement for a DynDNS service: you could register a name and update the DNS of a name like to always point to the externally visible address of the FreedomBox.

Having said that, if you’re concerned with making traditional servers accessible, Blockstack wouldn’t alleviate the need for port forwarding.