Blockstack Apps vs/equals Blockchain apps

There was an interesting discussion on slack about what Blockstack apps are. Are they blockchain apps? Are they decentralized apps? Are they privacy focused apps?

Some quotes, to save it for the future:

I do think that the term blockchain to describe blockstack apps as it is now can be misleading until the stx blockchain is live and smart contracts are integrated… An app that stores application data via gaia does not mean its utilizing the blockchain. The application is decentralized via user ownership (not owned by application) but not using the blockchain. (Alex)

Blockchains are used to achieve decentralization, not privacy. (Anthony)

Without that first part [Blockchain], there is no point in others, and I think the name [Blockstack] is showing that vividly. (Walterion)

Language and modifiers (e.g. " blockchain apps") are tough and I don’t think we should be too hard on anyone trying to communicate this new paradigm succinctly. While we’re bound to accidentally oversimplify or misrepresent here and there, it’s important to experiment and see what sticks best over the long run… Ultimately I think this is a question of just how language is received by other people (outside this developer community especially). (Mark)

And here is a reference to a two-year old discussion: Ethereum Apps vs. Blockstack Apps