Blockstack and Music Industry

Currently, artist Pitbull is sponsoring Smackathon Ethereum based music solutions based on these needs:

• Represent a song’s copyright as a non-fungible asset, so it can be freely traded, and royalties to the original writer can be paid without intermediaries.

• Collectively curating music through a token curation market, as a means to discover new artists, rewarding them directly as they gain popularity within a platform.

• Creating playlists or arranging festivals, by having a set of curators decide which songs or artists are included in the list, leveraging the power of token curated registries.

• Games for music generation on the blockchain, where the participants collaborate by mix-and-matching pieces of songs, according to a set of established rules.

• Selling concert tickets, represented by tradeable tokens, in an initial ticket offering (equivalent to an ICO), with different crowdsale models.

Will Blockstack be considering this market by Q3 of this year?

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