Blockcstack Accounts and Identity Questions

So I may have missed or misread somewhere in the documentation, but I have a couple of questions regarding Blockstack:

  • How many Blockstack accounts (
    can a single user own?

  • How can a developer ensure the user using their app goes through a one time identity (passport check)? Would I need a third-party vitrifaction service for this & a central database alongside Blockstack for this type of identity check to work?

  • How can I (a blockstack user) view all the applications that I am connected to using a particular blockstack id? And the data that is being shared?

Something like this:

  • How can I as a developer prevent any browser attacks that could be done within a BlockStack Application that aim to steal a users private key stored in the Local Browser Storage, as well as protect any information the user loads into the application after sign in from Gaia? :thinking:
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For this bit:

You can use the Blockstack Explorer and search for your User ID. Then you can click into the name and choose “View Raw Profile Data”. It returns JSON that includes the apps a Blockstack ID uses.

Oh, that’s cool. But I cannot seem to be able to “click” into my User ID name & choose “View Raw Profile Data” :thinking:

Hmm. When I search for my name (with extension .id.blockstack), I click on the record and see this:


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Oh, my bad :sweat_smile: … I was searching using instead of, don’t know why

Ok, perfect, I got it :slight_smile:

That’s pretty cool, do you know if a dashboard like the one I showcased above in my original post already exists?