Blockchain New Airdrop: Get Free Blockstack Tokens Stacks (STX)

Blockchain has partnered with Blockstack to give its native token Stacks (STX). Last time Blockchain wallet partnered with Stellar and gave 375 Million XLM (Stellar) for free to GOLD verified users who claimed on time. So if you have a Blockchain wallet, don’t miss this free airdrop.

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Has anyone not yet received this drop?

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Yes, I have received it. But you can’t touch and move the coin while one year.

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I have been a verified member for a long time but haven’t received the Stacks tokens. Was there an additional step you had to take to claim this airdrop?

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Nop, isn’t necessary. If you go to “airdrops” in your blockchain yo will see that you have a notify that explain you have your airdrop. I hope it help you :slight_smile:

Hi @victorsnk in my blockchain wallet it says under Airdrops: Blockstack offer expired.

How is that possible? I have received a Stellar Lumens airdrop through blockchain before.

OMG! In my case not. :thinking:

Hey @blockpac I would reach out to support for this. You can copy [email protected] as well so we can help track with you