Blockchain Name System documentation/wiki

Hey I just wanted to start a discussion around the Blockchain Name System wiki/documentation.

We worked on making the underlying identity and naming protocol agnostic of the identities of users/people. As you’ll see in the docs, the concepts and schema specific to passcards can be found under “identities for people”. You’ll also notice a section called “identities for digital media”, under which there’s a link to Mine’s writeup on canonical content identifiers.

We would like for there to be sections for many types of identities, including people (what we at Onename are working on), digital media (what Mine is working on), stores, websites, places, physical products, etc. The idea is to encourage various people to “own” and push forward documentation on their individual use cases of the system.

Would love to hear what you think of this structure.


It seems that the namespace discussion i.e. about Blockchain Name System, is separate from the profile schema discussion, since that information resides outside of the blockchain. What is the reason for mixing these two discussions together? Seems a bit like discussing DNS and HTML in the same place - it is fine if the topic is websites, but strange if the topic is DNS. Is this analogy accurate?