Blockchain ID for Identity

Earlier this year, Onename released passcard, “a digital form of identity and access control designed to replace passwords.” Around the same time, the okTurtles Foundation, a nonprofit with the mission of “supporting beneficial decentralization technologies,” began working on their own digital identity tech called BlockchainID. Today, Onename is excited to announce that we are working with okTurtles to merge passcard with BlockchainID to create a new standard for digital identity and authentication. Both projects will now continue as one under the “blockchain ID” moniker. This change is reflected throughout the Onename website and GitHub repositories. The Blockstack GitHub has also been updated to reflect these changes, featuring several sections dedicated to blockchain ID. We welcome feedback and contributions to the blockchain ID profile schema and authentication standards, and look forward to collaborating with anyone who is interested in pushing these projects forward.



I’ve created an issue and have assigned it to myself to update the okTurtles Blockchain ID GitHub project to let people know where to look for the new schema. :slight_smile:

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Very exciting news @ryan and @greg. I look forward to seeing the fruits of this collaboration! :smiley:

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hi guys … created my onename id today … very easy experience … great interface …

love that i can add so many critical details about myself [ bitcoin | linkedin | twitter | github ] … fantastic

my only gotcha is i left facebook earlier this year - so my personal profile page says 1/3 to complete …

no biggy … i appreciate fbook is market leader … just thought i’d mention it …

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i’ve got a discussion thread in linkedin called ‘smart contracts’ … over the next few days, i’ll post a discussion thread to onename …

Great! Now that you have your Blockchain ID you can check out your Nametiles: (once blockchain finishes confirming your data) :smiley:


wow @larry … looks fantastic … potential for self-editorialising oneself is enormous … nice work

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Yeah, blockchain ID is an open source project. Larry’s done some very cool stuff with it. Referencing both Onename and NameTiles would be greatly appreciated for sure. :smiley:

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