Blockchain for logistics process tracking [Tips welcome]

Hi guys,

I am quite new to the blockchain hype which is why I require some help / hands-on tips on the following issue:

I want to set-up a really simple blockchain in order to track a logisitics process. “Flow” of data is: Blockchain <-> cloud server <-> phone (scanner)

The blockchain should be able to perform the following functions:

• For each product/package: When scanning the product/package during dispatching, a new blockchain is started/created
• Each time somebody scans the QR code on a certain product/package, two actions are triggered
o Via an API to the blockchain, I receive information about the hash of the last block of the chain
o A new block gets added to the existing chain, I receive the hash of the new block
• Check, if hash of current block is consistent with previous block in chain
• If possible, the hash should not get too long (data size should roughly remain same)

Now my questions:

• Which blockchain technology is capable of these functions (the simpler the better)?
• How do I set up such a blockchain?
• How do I communicate to the blockchain via APIs?

I am grateful for any tips and hints!