Blockchain Airdrop received 1000 Stacks

Hello. Anyone who received airdrop from Blockchain wallet? I received 1000 stacks. When I tried to withdraw, only 100 stacks token was successfully withdrawn. I would like to ask if I can still withdraw na remaining 900 stacks airdrop token from Blockchain? Screenshot_2021-10-10-23-25-29-37_0b2d208e4ed65446714c825f62a52c4b

which wallet is it?

I used Xverse in getting the 100 Stacks. I can’t check the remaining 900 stacks as Blockchain do not have wallet for stacks. :cry:

Hey there. I also received the airdrop in January 2020. I have the same screen as you. As it says, funds are not transferable yet - and here is Blockchain’s explanation why:

Keep an eye on the post and updates!
Cheers! :sunglasses::metal:t3:

Thanks Gabor! I’m happy to know that you also received the same amount as I did. Hope in the future we can get the whole amount of this airdrop. :heart_eyes:

It shall be alright. They need the supply to build up everything properly. Blockchain promises to set up the wallet till end of this year which is not far. As we can see, the market reacts positively and there must be some serious improvements in the background as the price is crawling higher. As for me, even if I can finally put my hand on my airdrop, I will keep it. Something inside tells me it’s worth it. May the crypto be with you :grin::sunglasses::metal:t3:

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Yeah, I’m excited to receive the full airdrop hopefully before this year end. I might use the some of the coins and hold the other coins. Prices may go up. Best of luck to us my friend. :heart_eyes:

I recevied airdrop from blockchain

Anyone have idea when Blockchain release the STX and the Wallet?
I know they said in the 2021 but its October and no news

Is it possible that they (Blockchain Wallet) just mistyping? It also shown 1.000 STX on my Blockchain Wallet but it shown 100 STX on Hiro Wallet.

No idea on the date Blockchain will officially release the STX. Check their response to me. Screenshot_2021-10-10-19-36-29-56_0b2d208e4ed65446714c825f62a52c4b

Just asked the customer support, they said the right amount (of the airdrop) is 100 STX, not 1.000 STX.

Yes idk the initial amount was 100 idk why now they show 1000.
Maybe for the time they spend in release the wallet? Lets finger cross

I asked Blockchain regarding the 1000 stx airdrop, and this is there response. Screenshot_2021-10-19-01-43-18-58_2a1f1193be91673eafb50c0028c01ab7

Let’s hope this happen on november or december. :heart_eyes:


If anyone have an update please post here.

Don’t think so. I also had some concerns. But then I looked back on the STX price. As it’s said by Blockchain, that times the airdrop was worth $10=1000STX. Means $0.01/1STX which seems to be correct for me as I checked. You can look it up for yourself anyway. By now the price crawled up high. It makes me excited too and I already decided to hodl my STX even when it becomes withdrawable from the wallet. Which is not there yet, but I realised there are some new improvements on the Blockchain app. So I guess they are on it. May the rally be with us all! :sunglasses::metal:t3:

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Man,. i think you are wrong, the price was 0.1 no 0.01

Maybe desember we get chrismas and new year gift 900 stx :heart_eyes::grin:

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News 900 stx distribution 25 desember 2021 this is christmas give… :grin: