Blank Page for App


Everything has been working well on Mac/Safari until I put in an apps link into Chrome.

Safari then opened asking for permission, I said yes but now going to the app in Chrome or Safari shows a blank page.

The app is Graphite Docs.

Hey, sorry that’s happening. Can you open the developer console when you see the blank page and send a screenshot of that. That will help troubleshoot the issue.

Also, are you having this problem with any other apps?

This happens to me too. Latest Chrome and blockstack-js v17.2.0. On all development apps. If I remove my blockstack account, the SIGN IN page shows up correctly. When I’m already logged in, it does not.


Here you go. Hope it helps.

Tagging Blockstack as this is a recurring issue that appears to be tied to the underlying Blockstack codebase and not app-specific. There may be a github issue for this, but I’m not sure where.

@sebastian can you look into this or route it properly?

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Thanks @jehunter5811. CC @yukan

The error you’re seeing: Private key must be less than the curve order, happens when decryption fails during the auth process. If you’re opening apps and signing in on different browsers, this error will happen. The latest version of blockstack.js should catch this error though.