Bitfari is the biggest Stacks project you've never heard of

Hi! My name is Jordhy and I’m building Bitfari. This is a thread to introduce members of the community to the project and have their initial questions answered. There’s another lively thread at Bitcointalk (Peer-to-Peer Advertising, and Social Network Powered by Bitcoin + Stacks) if you are also a member of that community. What follows is a simple description of the tech + important links so you can dig in and get more info. I want to stress that this project started development three months ago and will be releasing a lot of stuff at a break-neck pace until Feb 2022 (so a lot of things might change in that timespan).


Bitfari is a Peer-to-Peer Ad Network ( where users can buy ad space at a dynamic price that is adjusted to foot traffic and the historic performance of billboards/screens as recorded by the blockchain. This will allow advertisers to bypass agencies, newspapers, and other middlemen to gain ad space that’s about 90% cheaper in most cases. The system can handle any HTML ad and any type of digital screen. I am also working on launching a variant of this system for online ads (something similar to Adwords).

Furthermore, companies can nominate any Bitcoin account as a marketing treasury and, when the balance of the account changes (either up or down) by a certain threshold, the system can start a campaign in the area of interest. Since users of the platform will be anonymous, there is greater privacy and since advertising costs are lower, discounts and promos could be greater.

Whitepaper: Whitepaper – Bitfari
Light paper: Bitfari Light Paper – Bitfari
Quick Platform Explanation for Users: What Exactly is Bitfari? – Bitfari
The FARI Token:
Token allocates 85% to the community. The FARI – Bitfari
Initial App Roster: Announcing the App Roster – Bitfari
Bitfari FAQ: Bitfari F.A.Q. – Bitfari

App Live on Testnet: (
Block Explorer:
Foundation Website: (
Bitfari Ecosystem: (
Wallets: (Wallets – Bitfari)
Token Smart Contract: Contract deploy - Stacks 2.0 explorer

Platform Videos: Tutorials – Bitfari
iPhone App Screenshots:

Technology Roster: Tech and Partnerships – Bitfari
Roadmap: Bitfari Roadmap – Bitfari
Supported Screen/Billboard Sizes: Supported Billboards/Screens – Bitfari
Computerized Ad Sanitization and Filtering: What is a Social Oracle? – Bitfari

Network Incentives: Network Incentives – Bitfari
Ad Fraud Prevention:How Bitfari Prevents Ad Fraud – Bitfari
Supported Screen/Billboard Sizes: Supported Billboards/Screens – Bitfari
Members of: We Are Members of – Bitfari


I find this project very interesting by its objectivity and the high-quality solution it brings to the world of advert

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Thank you!