Bitcoin not showing up in wallet

I sent bitcoin to my blockstack wallet about 48 hours ago and it still has not shown up. I see a lot of reports of this happening to others. What’s the deal? Is this a blockstack thing? What are my next steps?

@alsky what address did you send it to? You can look it up on a Bitcoin blockchain explorer.


@alsky responded to Support and provided the following information.

I sent to:

Says I have 6 confirmations. Says received.

I tried replying in the forum but couldn’t figure out how to send the reply. There’s no “send” button! Very confusing set up on there.

Also, if it helps here’s the transaction hash:


Now I see the “Reply” and “cancel” buttons below this window. Yesterday, they were not visible. Very strange.

@alsky Have you checked if the address matches the wallet address in your Blockstack Browser? Note that this is different from your identity address.

Yes, I sent to the address that’s visible immediately upon opening the wallet and with the “receive” button highlighted.

Can you check if there are any browser Javascript console errors? This can be access in chrome via View->Developer->Javascript console. This is likely a connection issue with the browser wallet not being able to refresh the balance.

Yes, I’m showing over a dozen javascript errors referring to refresh balance.

The latest errors look like this:

Looks like you’re on an older version of the Blockstack browser. You should get the latest version here: