Bitcoin Matatu NFT Project

Hi everyone. I am Guantai Kathurima the founder of the Bitcoin Matatu NFT project.

I am new to the forum and look forward to engaging and learning.

The Bitcoin Matatu NFT project aims to expedite Bitcoin adoption in Africa as well as onboard African youth and young adults to build on Stacks via showcasing a unique aspect of Kenyan urban culture (Matatu culture) to the world via 254 [1 of 1] NFTs minted, displayed and auctioned in Layer on Stacks.

The Bitcoin Matatu DAO and the Bitcoin Matatu (Customized Toyota Hiace Super Grandia Elite) will serve to empower Africans from across the continent with this technologies that will bring long lasting positive social economic changes.

Today the Bitcoin Matatu NFT project submitted it’s grant proposal to the Stacks Foundation. We hope to get your feedback, ideas and insights.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in advance.

Asante Sana.