Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Meetup Chicago

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting a dev-focused talk at the Bitcoin and Open Blockchain Meetup of Chicago:

There was a good turnout, and Blockusign dev @nicktee came out and helped extol the virtues of building on Blockstack.

Anyways, the slides I used for my talk are here:

bob-chicago-talk-09-26-2018.pdf (617.3 KB)

These slides provide a pretty high-level overview of why naming is important, how naming is resolved by the Blockstack Naming System, and how we use that to bootstrap an application platform.


The presentation was great @aaron . I think the Blockstack community in Chicago is growing and there are many passionate developers that want to build great dapps on Blockstack!

Oh yeah…and thanks for solving the last piece of the puzzle for Blockusign on how to associate a users Blockstack ID to the apps bitcoin address! This opens up a whole new use-case for applications that need to anchor a hash to bitcoin but prove a blockstack account signed it!