BGP-AS solution request: need to stay in country

Hello! My friend and I are working on a concept on testnet and we’re looking for a solution to keep STX network traffic in one country. We’ll announce our project soon, but we’re still in the prequalification phase, as we need to make sure this is feasible.

What do we need and why?

We need a way to keep network traffic restricted to a certain country so that we can build a system that recognizes fiat markets by network borders, where we’ll intend to connect countries one at a time in a legally compliant way, instead of offering globally and blacklisting some countries. We were hoping to harvest data in an automated fashion from redundant sources like Networks of India - and /or India (IN) reports BGP network information - BGPView and then use that information the same way centralized entities reject users from certain countries.

We assume that a “splash page” solution may be necessary and costly, so we’re looking to understand what other challenges may arise from attempting to implement this, assuming that we can’t use a service like cloudflare for anti-DDOS. In a perfect world we would have our own STX backend resources to only operate inside a national border, but I understand that’s not necessarily possible. We do have a concept that we want to share globally, but since it is anchored to fiat monies/law, we’re making sure we can get through this challenge in a scalable and legally acceptable manner.

Thank you for your information and responses!