Before I could create a username, now I can't. With doOpenAuth() function

On my website Blockstack changed some login settings on PopUp which is opened with @stacks/connect-react useConnect() doOpenAuth() function. Before I could create a username, now I can’t. Anteu I used to create one:, but now it automatically creates for me a series of random alphanumerics under my username: 1Hwcr33cXBdH2NnLujzn73FNYa.

My question remains, has blockstack changed something internally?

Hi Vitor, I do very much recognise and have the same issue.

This is particularly annoying for new users that do not have any usernames yet. This shouldn’t be the UX for them.

@friedger or @jude is this by intention and do we need to set a particular parameter or is this a Stacks bug?

Did you solve it? I have the same trouble

Currently, there is no public subdomain registrar that would allow to create new usernames for free as far as I know.

Your new users can buy a .btc name on

The random numbers is the so-called owner address. It corresponds 1:1 to the Stacks address, just different encoding. You can also see it on the sandbox in the explorer. Probably, it is better to just show the stx address as an identifier. It is available in userData.profile.stxAddress.mainnet

Wow that is a big change from the past. So this means that Stacks has stopped offering such a service or that they never offered the service after moving from Blockstack to Stacks?

Second, where can i find info about setup of a subdomain register for Stacks usernames? Would this be similar like with Blockstack?
Are there changes in terms of cost?

There remains a registrar available for users at for provisioning free usernames with the .id.stx subdomain.

However, the newer Stacks Wallet web extension does not implement it (at least yet), which is why users of apps that have implemented it will not receive free usernames at the moment. We are actively looking into ways to reintroduce usernames into the user experience generally.

The registrar code can be found here for anyone who would like to run their own instance: GitHub - blockstack/subdomain-registrar: Subdomain registrar for the Blockstack network