Balance is not updated


Trying to top up my blockstack acc,
sent BTCs to deposit address. There is 11 confirmations already, but balance shows 0.
Here is tx:

I use my own full bitcoind node (with txindex=1) as a utxo and that node is fully synced

sudo blockstack deposit:

        "address": "14z1FX61YYVgWMXFKea3yWUMogfrZFqjar",
        "message": "Send bitcoins to the address specified."

sudo blockstack info:

    "advanced_mode": true,
    "cli_version": "",
    "consensus_hash": "6c6376b8973361dd5596fee9ae8c3349",
    "last_block_processed": 457536,
    "last_block_seen": 457543,
    "server_alive": true,
    "server_host": "",
    "server_port": 6264,
    "server_version": ""

Thank you!

Does your bitcoind node’s wallet have the private key(s) of your blockstack wallet? If not, I believe bitcoind won’t keep track of the UTXOs for your address. (I’ve run into this problem before :expressionless:)

If you want to run your own UTXO provider, you’d need to use something with more than just txindex=1 like bitcore We don’t yet have a driver for that.

@jude are there any other self-hosted UTXO options for Blockstack Core?

So could I change utxo provider to blockcypher then, for example?

Yes. Give that a try!

It’s working with Blockcypher! Thanks, Larry!