"Baby steps" into Blockstack - using Identity only

Hi All,

I’ve been watching Blockstack from a distance for a couple of years now, and I really admire the work you are doing. With the current trajectory, I’m optimistic that Blockstack will reach full decentralization and economic sustainability.

For those of us who want to benefit from Blockstack identity and client side encryption, but aren’t yet comfortable relying on distributed Gaia storage and/or refactoring an app to use Radiks plus Gaia, is there guidance on using Blockstack strictly as an identity service and client-side encryption library? I was taking a look at your client-side libraries, and it seems like it would be simple enough to use the encryptContent and decryptContent functions directly, while still using a centralized app server.

On the Pravica website, I noticed this blurb about an alternative to Gaia storage:

If you have started to use the free plan and your usage has increased to the level that the free GAIA is not enough for you, then the standard plan is for you. Enjoy fully encrypted storage up to 25 GB.

I was wondering if they may be doing something similar to store encrypted data somewhere other than Gaia.