Aurous: Decentralized Spotify, Popcorn Time for music

I found this project via Torrent Freak the other day:

It’s a cool-looking concept for a decentralized music streaming app, like a p2p spotify. So far, just some nice screenshots, but if it is released, this could do for music what PopcornTime did for video: democratize torrenting.

It struck me as I was looking at the screenshots that blockchain ID integration would be great for this project to help make it more social. I’m imagining a flow like this:

  1. Alice downloads Aurous app.
  2. Alice creates a blockchain ID, or “logs in” with her existing ID.
  3. Alice has new sections added to her blockchain ID profile: “Aurous Library” and “Aurous Playlists”
  4. Alice chooses which tracks and playlists to make public, and which to keep private. Alice can choose to share with specific other users via Blockchain Auth.
  5. Alice adds select magnet links + metadata to the Aurous Library and Aurous Playlists sections of her blockchain ID profile. She digitally signs each addition for authentication purposes.

Aurous users can now easily find and share Alice’s public tracks and playlists just by knowing her blockchain ID. Likewise, Alice can easily find and share public tracks and playlists just by knowing the blockchain ID of her friends and other popular curators. She can follow the blockchain IDs of the curators she likes and vice versa, adding a more social experience without a centralized curation platform. The addition of blockchain IDs enhances the current Aurous music discovery mechanism (which appears to just be a search bar) and helps enhance the user experience along with it.

Just another cool example of the power of decentralized identity :sunglasses:

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