Atlas examples

Any way to get more examples of the 4 bullet points. Trying to get a better handle on Atlas. Not much docs on Atlas. Thanks

Atlas is a general-purpose content-addressed storage system that advanced developers can use to host data in an immutable and durable manner. Beyond its default use-case in Blockstack, Atlas is ideal for tasks like:

  • Announcing PGP public keys under a human-readable name
  • Storing package hashes for a software release
  • Securely deploying shell scripts to remote VMs
  • Binding human-readable names to Tor .onion addresses (example)

You’ll want to check out Blockusign. It uses Atlas for document timestamps.

Basically, you can put whatever you want in an Atlas zone file as long as its less than 40kb. But, it’s not free – you’ll need to craft and send an on-chain NAME_UPDATE transaction to announce the hash of the data with your name, and then once it confirms, announce the zone file data itself. Blockstack.js has routines for generating NAME_UPDATE transactions, as well as code for broadcasting Atlas zone files.