Asia's First Blockchain ID Full Node

Finally got Asia’s first full blockchain ID node (bitcoind/blockstore/dht mirror/resolver) up and running.

It’s in Google’s data center in Taiwan. I’ve got another running in my flat here in Hong Kong to keep me company. :smile:

A bunch of names fail because of the DHT partition in the data plane that prevents the resolver from loading the user profile.

Lookups seem kind of slow at the moment for some reason so I’m caching responses at the CDN level for 60 seconds.

This subdomain is likely not its final location - just wanted to show it off. :smiley:


Great news! One step closer to a truly global blockstack network!


Awesome! Larry and the DHT partition is getting recovered as we speak, the part of the partition that had more <key,value> pairs is (re-)publishing them to the other partition. Things should go back to normal once this finishes (my guess is couple of hours). I’m posting more details on the Github issue.

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