Arcane Maps

Hello everyone,

As the next step in the path of privacy, we launched the biggest part of Arcane project by far. A true private alternative for Google Maps. Hope you like

Arcane Maps is a full-featured map service and with it, your identity, location, search history, favorite places and all, will be private and in your control. All safe and secure on blockchain-based cloud storage with high industry standard encryptions.

It is available now for Mobile and Desktop right in your browser. It is entirely free with users’ support, so come and join us in our launch.

I can’t wait to hear what you think. Hope you like it.

Website and Product Hunt.


Hi @Walterion - I just got the "Failed to fetch information about the app requesting authentication. Please contact the app maintainer to resolve the issue. "

error logging in from “Start using Sheets” link!


Just tried the docs link and that let me in fine!

Thanks! I will check it ASAP. Fixed. Thanks for reporting to us.

From the Blockstack perspective, Arcane Maps is a manager for your preferred addresses/locations. You can search for business and add and remove the addresses.

Looking forwad to have these in my collections :slight_smile:

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unable to delete locations in the quick entry select or modify

You can easily delete your quick access with right click on it in your Desktop or hold on it in your mobile device.