App Stacking


  • App development has little to no monetary incentive and individual devs lack the bandwidth to complete any noteworthy passion projects.
  • The average community member has minimal opportunity to gain intrinsic value towards the ecosystem and especially the success of individual applications.
  • Most users cannot afford to participate in Stacking, which could limit the future growth of the ecosystem.


A platform where anyone can submit app ideas to be “Stacked” upon.

This proposal leverages the much previously discussed “Stacking Pools” where instead of the “Stacker” being awarded BTC it would go to the app idea “Stacked” upon. Thus giving devs (or teams) a much needed funding stream.

As for the 30m STX purposed for app mining - we could offer Stacked STX Matching until all the funds are actively dispersed. In theory the 30m STX would never leave that pool.


See the original App Stacking proposal to finance development of Blockstack apps through bitcoin payouts from Stacking. It incentives participation by awarding bounties from the App Mining treasury to Stackers when app Founders reach predetermined milestones, creating a market where funding is directed to the most promising projects.

I was not aware of this proposal before venturing off into the idea, however it’s only similar in one aspect. I may need to provide the rest of the details to fully communicate the solution.

Thanks for sharing this idea. I think it has merit and warrants further discussion!

One potential challenge: in “real world” investing, e.g., angels and VC, the decision to back a project is (at least) as much a bet on the team and opportunity as it is on the idea itself. How would stackers factor in things like team and opportunity?

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I’m actually trying to eliminate the VC mentality with this concept. I envision a more Kickstarter-like Patreon style of funding where you build reputation based on revenue created for Stackers.