App on Mac shows localhost

Hi there. I’ve installed the browserstack app on my highSierra, but if I start the app or choose one of its menus out of the mac menu bar my browser starts and opens a localhost-address with an index of my local webservers root.
What’s wrong?

@jwssnr This is how the browser is supposed to work. It should open a page to localhost:8888 .

Okay. Am I able to switch the port? Cause 8888 is the port of my local Webserver.

I don’t think there is an option to change port in the mac app. Try shutting down your local webserver and running the app. That should work for you.

That works of course but isn’t a solution, cause i’d like to use both things parallel.

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What about changing the port on your webserver? The mac app does not expose changing the port as a configuration option. There is an open issue for this here:

Good idea. But I have external dependencies on this port on some of my webprojects and don’t want to change each projekt.

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