App Mining Proposal (by me)

Before going to the proposal, I wanna share a few thoughts:

  • I saw at least 4 or 5 proposals for app mining. That means app mining isn’t good (if not bad). And that also means many people love Blockstack and they’re trying to help.
  • Each of us views the world differently >> some people may think my solutions is shit, vice versa.
  • Some may think censor bad data is good. I think put Blockstack Core/ PBC in tough situations is good (Soon or later, they have to deal with it)

Anyhow, I’m going to my proposal for app mining here:
Define hard problems:

  • Need be fair to all parties (investors, dapp developers, Blockstack PBC, Blockstack Core Devs)
  • Must simple to understand, implements
  • Transparency


  • We don’t have any system completely fair to all parties (of course i will vote for dev - who is member of my family: no matter what). Usually, one or two parties will have advance more than others. But if we have a set of rules (clear & transparency) - people will make decisions to join us or not. When they joined, they accepted the rules. E.g., we could give some investors more votes than normal people.
  • If we want simple, we must use a short list rules (10 rules is too much). Since few rules means easy implements and easy to understand.
  • We have transparency when rules got public.


  • Use one system/entity for voting all apps. We decentralized power of each party that involve in the system. (Remind: How many app reviewers entities we have, how much we divided. And that’s why I don’t use Github for this proposal - I do not want to talk with developers only)
  • Use a short list of rules.
  • Public the list of rules.

Thanks for reading!