App Mining Payouts to Increase 10x by May 2020

Since December 2018, the App Mining program has seen exceptional growth from 17 to over 130 apps, all earning a collective total of $800,000. Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be increasing monthly app mining payouts from $100,000 to $1,000,000 in STX by May 2020.

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I think the number of 17 to 130 is great, but how many of these are quality Dapps that people are going to use? That number, I’m afraid, is much smaller than 130. I’d personally rather see 5-10 high quality Dapps (Graphite for example) that have been well maintained and updated over a longer timeframe. Dapps like this will generate real adoption of Blockstack. Whereas you can just have a large repository of apps that don’t really add value but make for a good headline.

What worries me with the app mining payout structure is that it incentivizes people who are just looking to make a quick buck and then skedaddle from the Blockstack ecosystem. They build what is a low quality Dapp with Blockstack Auth built in, collect on the mining rewards, and then never update or even ghost their Dapp.