App mining and trymyui dont seem to provide any real value

I tried to use trymyui app, It takes way to much time. I find the whole app mining process to be useless. I’ve tried to use every app on Very few actually work and even fewer have any value. If you wanna pay developers for apps, Hire the good ones and build apps with value. How many bad chat apps do we need? How many picture management apps do we need? We need apps that provide value to users and businesses. They are just not out there, and if they are, no normal end user can figure how to use them. If you are not a PHD, you cant figure out why the value of the ID/Atlas/GAIA is so brilliant. Until we can target the normal end user with a real app with value, normal users will not use this architecture. I thought Graphite might provide this (best app to date on BS, blockusign a close second), But even in graphite, I cant open shared docs half the time and The UI to find share docs doesnt work for me. None of the apps come with any kind of real documentation (blockusign and cryptocracy are exceptions) but even those 2 are so intense the normal user will not get it. If anyone has any ideas, I am trying to find a way to educate my business clients why they need to use Blockstack and dApps as a methodology to decrease their internal IT costs. Problem right now is why would they do a pilot on architecture when there is no value to do so? Every app, in my opinion, is still in MVP phase. I Love this architecture but people just dont get it.


Thanks for the comment, all App Mining issues/improvement proposals are currently being filed here:

There are some good ideas circling around how to improve here and we can triage them in Github.

Thanks Patrick I will signup.

Wise words man!

Blockstack technology is cool but I think Blockstack PBC made a lot of bad decisions (I just give you the fact - not attacking anyone though. Myself made a ton of mistakes.

Me and some people think, we will have three scenarios:

  • Blockstack will fix things and evolve.
  • Some one will fork Blockstack and fix things.
  • Blockstack technology die.

Right now, I don’t have time to fully share my thoughts on this. But I’ll do it later.

Maybe start with the identity part (and that is what app mining focuses on right now). Take a look at

I am pretty convinces that this won’t die. If this convinces you that your business wants to proceed to use decentralized identities then look at decentralized identity providers that are out there and you probably will find that blockstack is the most advanced.

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I love this line. We should start a business by looking at the demand (customer).

What your target customer want is what you (should) must have.

I see demand on secure storage, dark(free) market, gambling, copyleft hub, communication resistant app, etc. Decentralized identity is just a mean to get those things.

All of the things listed above has high demand for thousand years.

Again, Blockstack technology is very very cool. But what’s a point if that technology can’t help developers make money.

And where money come from btw? --> customers. Always!

Even Blockstack sales Token - who buy it? Ok, at first you have early investors. But then they will sale it to customers (soon or later.)

Bitcoin hodler, avoid-taxer, criminal, etc is customer of Bitcoin. Who’s customer of Blockstack? OK Maybe, Stacks can use to buy stuffs but who buy it and why should they buy it? Ok maybe, you say that developer has to buy Stacks to do some complex calculations. But for what? for their customers. And Why? Because they think they can make money from that.

I think Blockstack has to find a way to help developers make money though! App mining reward is just a boost for starting a project. I meant 20K/month is very very small for a medium size project.

Do you know how many people agree with some (all) of this logics? I can tell you, some are (Blockstack) dapp developers, some are investors.

I don’t get it why the game theorists is so un-smart (I don’t know any other word to describe it except stupid - mean word, i think). They make the app mining so confuse and so complex. From words: app mining to: the algorithm.

What we need is a fair system to pick the best apps to begin with. What is fair? Fair is something that majority or authority agree that is right/fair.

I don’t think Blockstack PBC is our authority neither our slave. They have the right to use their money to pay anyone they want.

There is 2 things can convincing me that the app A is better than app B. One is me and two is majority.

IMO, PH (spams email to sales ads, I believe) isn’t me neither majority - so their scores is meaningless to me. Same with other entities. Anyhow, its’ not my money… so who care.

A Canadian told me that “you know Blockstack founder has 10% tokens sales, they are CEO of Blockstack PBC, they pay the app mining rewards - so all the money come from investors. If they didn’t change the algorithm then next tokens sales is for the whole community, that means the community pay the app mining rewards in a way. Will they piss off when it’s not effective?”

For me, it’s fair if Founders/Core Devs get something returns - they build Blockstack. But if and when they spend community’s money - they have to understand that people want best results (Pretty much what early investor holder want right now.)

I think it’d be best if Blockstack has a build-in voting system that only Blockstack user can vote. Rule could be 1 ID = 1 vote - it’s not completely fair since someone pay more shares than other but have the same voting score. Maybe we could give the richest (accounts has more than a certain amount of Stacks) 10-20% voting power for example…

Hope you find at least 1 thing I say useful. Cheer and goodnight!

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@nguyenloc, I dont believe blockstack is the problem. You cant expect them give you money for developing an app that will be open source. And it needs to be open source or the app cant be trusted.

In my opinion they shouldn’t even be in the app mining business. I get what they are doing but it will never be fair. App mining to me is glorified “gaming”. Any architecture built from gaming theorists is bad, Mind manipulation, nothing more (google comes to mind). But hey hopefully they will fund some good apps in this process.

We need to build services and facilitate the management of BS and BS apps. Services, facilitation, configuration, consulting thats how we monetize.

We need to think like Red Hat and find a good way to get developers paid for their coding. Maybe each app/Developer has a Patreon account and you have to sign up to see the open source code on DEC(BS version of Git)?

Look at apps like Gladys and Blockvault, They are moving in the correct direction to monetize.

I believe developers should be paid like musicians, If you want that recording (app) you pay for it (micropayments, app license, monthly fee, free). if you want the whole record (access to all your apps) you pay for it. Etc


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Imaging, there is a wildland - no body live there. And Blockstack come build some infrastructure: Road, bridge, etc. And they tell farmers, engineer “Come, join with us, we build a better future together”

Should Blockstack give those people something? I think yes.

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From Blockusigns perspective: Trymyui is a great resource and I am very thankful for Blockstack footing the bill and paying for 8 reviewers every month.

Blockstack and App Rewards mining provides developers with a lot of free resources, not to mention free human help… from Patrick and the team from the BizDev side, and Aaron and Jude from the deep technical engineering (all for FREE!).

As for providing, “Real Value”, we are all still early. The apps are maturing with the underlying Blockstack infrastructure. Every month you see iterative enhancements from the top apps. I am personally working with an MBA friend from Vanderbilt to make Blockusign more marketable to “normal users”. Bringing a new perspective to the app will hopefully find a nice market fit.

I truly believe “real companies” will emerge in the future from this community. Companies making “Real” profit, from “Real” customers.


Blockstack has to provide resources to developers. Back in 2014 - 2015, I was an iOS developer. Apple provide us a lot of resources: Stanford lectures, libraries, Xcodes, millions of potential customers, a real Ratings, Reviews, and Responses algorithm, etc

Totally agreed!

Why you make technology first and then finding markets/customers?

I down from truly believe to hope.

The best part of this community is full of idealistic people. The worst part is having very very few realistic people.

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