Any React/webpack expert willing to help out?

Looking for someone with npm and webpack expertise to give me a hand the on animal kingdom sample application used in our Zero-to-DApp tutorial. @larry did a wonderful job coming up with the animal kingdom sample code. His code leveraged some npm scripts and webpack versions that are causing problems.

I spent some time over the holiday attempting to work the webpack minify problem. Unfortunately, the fix recommended by React wouldn’t work with the code as in place.

@zone117x took a deeper look and we discussed it. We think the best thing to do is a subtractive approach. Remove the packaging there and redo what is there. Specifically Matt noted:

  • simpler npm scripts would make this simpler to manage
  • the babel packages should be upgraded
  • the webpack should be upgraded

Not clear how fast a wepack expert could knock this out — maybe a couple of hours work. I now for a react/wepack newb like me, it would be maybe days. So, I’m asking for help from the community with this. (I’ve got a big Gaia doc push on and don’t want to put that push on a burner)

Anyway, reply here and check out the issues above if you are willing to help. Definitely willing to supply some Blockstack merch such as a t-shirt – and credit in the tutorial for anyone willing to take this on.

Having to hold on the final Windows tutorial…breaking my heart.


Here’s something I whipped up over the last hour or so, please review/test to make sure it’s what you need:

(currently figuring out why npm run test doesn’t work)

if someone more familiar with react can figure out why this is being thrown (in npm run test) when this file has nothing that references index.js.overrrides that’d be great:

ReferenceError: [BABEL] animal-kingdom\config\polyfills.js: Unknown option: animal-kingdom\node_modules\babel-preset-react-app\index.js.overrides. Check out for more information about options.


Woot! I’ll give it a try right now. Thank you @MichaelFedora


YAAYYYYYY the build worked!

The npm run and npm run build now work on MacOS and Windows. This is terrific @MichaelFedora because it means I can finish up the Windows build instructions opening a new, um, window on Zero-to-DApp’s ability to teach new users.

You have alleviated the pane of myself and untold others. The npm test is unfortunate but not a blocker. I’ll create an issue just for that and leave this post up for someone else to tackle that.

DM me in slack or email me [email protected] with your email, I’ll see you get a coupon to get yourself some swag (free of cost or delivery fees) from our Shop.


And I should say, thank you kind sir, if you hadn’t caught the grateful in my first reply.

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You’re welcome! I will send the email asap ~

I have a feeling the npm run test broke because I updated React to 16.7 from 16.5 (as I just did a full upgrade of all the deps to make sure they’d work with Webpack 4), but I’ll leave that to the experts.

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