[Annual Hard Fork 2018] Blockstack Core v20 Released!

Hey everyone,

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Blockstack Core v20! The code is in the master branch of the Blockstack Core repo, and the latest Python binaries are in PyPI. You can install it with pip install --upgrade blockstack, or install from source the usual way. This release implements the annual hard fork.

To install, you’ll need to move your old v19 chain state out of the way and fast-sync with a v20 node. This can be achieved as follows:

$ blockstack-core stop
$ mv ~/.blockstack-server ~/.blockstack-server.bak
$ blockstack-core fast_sync
$ blockstack-core start

The public node run by PBC has been upgraded to v20, so you can start exploring the new accounts API.

PyPI Signature Verification

If you install from PyPI, you can verify the SHA256 hash of the tarball by downloading the signatures.zip file in this forum post, and following these steps:

$ unzip signatures.zip
$ cd signatures 
$ gpg --recv-keys 0x3AEE973EA06E4C6A
$ gpg --verify SHA256SUM.asc
$ curl -sL https://files.pythonhosted.org/packages/b9/c0/cbb5b00222c8e93cbf4b7a91d59937ba78912b8389889d7dc7178b7e32f8/blockstack- > blockstack-
$ sha256sum -c SHA256

If it all works, you should see blockstack- OK.

Do not install a Blockstack tarball whose signature or hash does not match.

Code Signature Verification

If you install from source, we recommend that you verify the integrity of the commit history. You can do so by importing my GPG key:

$ gpg --recv-keys 0x3AEE973EA06E4C6A
$ git clone https://github.com/blockstack/blockstack-core
$ cd blockstack-core
$ git log --show-signature

You should see a bunch of signed commits, including this one:

commit 7d2edb85f456f9457fee238f12ecce430ff8e16a
gpg: Signature made Mon Oct 29 12:16:50 2018 EDT
gpg:                using RSA key FACC47CC4BCBF84DEB26F93B3D74D688D0822784
gpg: Good signature from "Jude Nelson <[email protected]>" [ultimate]
Primary key fingerprint: F63E 0F41 A18C ACB4 AA56  228F 3AEE 973E A06E 4C6A
     Subkey fingerprint: FACC 47CC 4BCB F84D EB26  F93B 3D74 D688 D082 2784
Author: Jude Nelson <[email protected]>
Date:   Mon Oct 29 12:16:30 2018 -0400

    Genesis block!  Signed with the Blockstack Signing Key 17AB 1256 D077 8476 9BC9  90CF ED3E 896B 9AAD 437B

Do not install Blockstack Core if you are unable to verify its code signatures.

Genesis Block Signature Verification

This release ships with the genesis block of the Stacks blockchain, in blockstack/lib/genesis_block.py. It is signed with a GPG key whose key fingerprint is 17AB 1256 D077 8476 9BC9 90CF ED3E 896B 9AAD 437B, per the commit message above. Once your Core node is installed, you can audit signature over the genesis block by running the following commands:

$ gpg --recv-keys 0xED3E896B9AAD437B # Should get you "Blockstack Signing Key"
$ blockstack-core audit
Genesis block is valid

Do not run Blockstack Core if you are unable to audit its genesis block.

signatures.zip (625.8 KB)


Sorry this is kind of a noob question if I were to run a core node How would I be able to import my ID to it if possible

Blockstack core nodes don’t have client libraries or interfaces for managing ownership of names. You can use either the blockstack-browser or blockstack-cli to do that (and point them at a specific core node if you’d like).