Announcing the Integration of STX into AEM Algorithm Journaler Accounting Software

Having real time accounts reporting in financial statements is key to any Stacks Company. Until now Financial reporting for Stacks has been a manual process for accountants until now.

Stacks Australia team Member Electra Frost has been working to make financial accounts reporting easy with the integration of STX into AEM Algorithm Journaler Accounting Software.

AEM integrates into XERO

You can trial the software here and Ill invite Jakub and Electra in to answer any questions you may have. NFTS are next.

Thanks Gordon! For anyone wondering this is a legit effort from Stacks Australia Chapter member to integrate web2 to web3 via improving the ease of crypto Financial Accounting.
Thanks for sharing Gordon & Electra :+1:

Hello everyone, apologies for the delay in our official response from AEM. We’ve been deeply immersed in tech developments.

  1. STX Integration: We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve successfully linked STX, enabling live feeds into both Xero and Intuit QuickBooks (we’re actually the only app in the world with dual global marketplace certification). So STX is available for beta testing, happy to extend trials if needed for anyone subscribing, [email protected] is there to help too :slight_smile:

  2. NFT Integration: We’re on the verge of completing NFT integration, which is nearly there now, possible release on Monday. From there if anyone needs more tokens added, there will be a new feature where you can request token integration via the UI.

  3. UI Upgrades: We’re concurrently making significant UI upgrades. While we are a highly technical team and tend to prioritize backend work, our collaboration with Electra has been invaluable in enhancing user-friendliness. We are expanding on our standard live features with more robust Tax Module and even Invoicing.

  4. Xero Marketplace: AEM Journaler was the pioneer app in the Xero marketplace and played a pivotal role in creating the crypto category, that was back in 2021, we launched with QB in 2023.

  5. Academic Collaboration: We work closely with RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, our industry partner since 2019. Our partnership has yielded substantial depth and expertise. We’ve been slowly deploying our Bitcoin infrastructure, which has been integrated since 2020 but we are now focusing on running our own nodes and from there we are also now turning our attention to Stacks and lightning.

  6. AEM+ Crypto Wallet: We’ve had the AEM+ crypto wallet live since 2019 on Apple and Google Play. It’s a multiwallet, and we plan to add STX and more to it in the long run to add to Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc…

  7. Economy Building: We’re working slowly on a bigger project with RMIT, exploring the concept of AEM+ decentralised ‘accounting wallet’ and DAO how the Journaler platform could coexist with AEM+ decentralised economy. Cross-integration of our mobile app and invoicing is also in the pipeline.

  8. Melbourne Event on the 8th: We’re excited about the upcoming Melbourne event on the 8th and look forward to collaborating more closely with Stacks to support the ecosystem further.

  9. Stay in Touch: If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via Twitter or LinkedIn. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter via our website at We are Melbourne, Australia based, but also have a presence in Hong Kong, with second office there and planting our presence in Europe too.

Thank you for your understanding that sometimes I just get caught up with the technical part of our projects and don’t check in, but I’ll do my best to monitor this channel for any comments or queries.