Announcing the blockstack.js 18.1.0 release

I’m excited to announce the blockstack.js v18.1.0 release. This backwards compatible point release adds a few exciting features:

  • Support for listing files in a user’s gaia hub
  • Functionality for generating Blockstack wallets
  • Support for Stacks transactions
  • Ability to specify the content type of unencrypted files.

For full details on new features and bug fixes, read the ChangeLog!

Thanks to @muneebm and the rest of the Blockstack team that contributed changes to this release.

blockstack.js v18.1.0 is available now on NPM and GitHub


This is awesome! Thanks, Larry!

Do you have an example of the listFiles callback? I just tested it and can only get what seems to be the first file path in my gaia hub (I think?).

listFiles((files) => {

You’ll want to do this:

listFiles((files) => {
 return true;