Announcing is an rss reader, filter utility, and filter sharing tool for the discriminating news reader. (rss feeds can be headlines, job sites, anything you want). Your feeds and filters are public while your list of friends is private. Anyone can pull your feeds and filters into their own feeds, and vice versa. You can even ignore your friends filters at the line item level for a far superior experience. This dApp gets better with age as you and your friends add filters and feeds.


Nice! I like the idea. We could use a good RSS reader on Blockstack.

I’m finding the UX a bit rough though. Is this icon to save all changes on the page or upload a file? It appears to indicate the latter but I suspect it’s the former?


Also, maybe it’s not the right type of feed, but after adding, the Headlines page stays pending in loading state seemingly forever.

Thanks Mark - yes the UI is hard on the eyes and the brain. We’re taking all suggestions seriously. Looks like that feed breaks the rss parser, so yes, it will spin forever. I’ll add a note here when it’s fixed.

I’m planning/hoping to swap out the RSS parser with something that supports header manipulation so you don’t need the cors proxy. Should speed things up. I’ll test out more rss feeds too.

In the meantime, if you remove the offending feed it should get you going again.

I spent some time on some example setups. will get you some curated craigslist jobs and gets your horoscope.

this feed works for me -

Cool, works for me, too!

I seem unable to remove the horoscope one though. I use the minus sign then save button but it shows up again on refresh.

leave the horoscope feed but make sure it’s crossed out. That way it gets ignored and if one of your friends adds it down the road it won’t sneak back into your feed. Same approach for filters and friends.

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