Announcing Blockstack iOS SDK v0.4.0

The iOS SDK has been updated with new features and fixes! This version adds native Swift coverage for a bunch of methods from Blockstack.js. All the profile operations are now supported. There is also a new and improved tutorial for beginners to hit the ground running. Check out the tutorial. Detailed changelog:


  • A lot more methods from Blockstack.js are now supported in Swift. Specifically…
  • Blockstack.encryptContent
  • Blockstack.decryptContent
  • Blockstack.extractProfile
  • Blockstack.wrapProfileToken
  • Blockstack.signProfileToken
  • Blockstack.verifyProfileToken
  • Blockstack.lookupProfile
  • Blockstack.getUserAppFileURL
  • Objective-C bindings for all methods exposed by the SDK.


  • Vastly improved and much more detailed tutorial.
  • Exposed key generation utilities, specifically: Keys.getEntropy, Keys.getPublicKeyFromPrivate, Keys.makeECPrivateKey
  • The Profile object now supports an image field, which contains an object of type Content. Useful for populating user images in apps.
  • Blockstack.promptClearDeviceKeychain has been simplified, no longer requiring a redirectURI or completion handler.
  • Blockstack.signOut -> Blockstack.signUserOut
  • Blockstack.isSignedIn -> Blockstack.isUserSignedIn
  • Example app has been cleaned up, error states have been fixed, and shows off more functionality.

As always, reach out here or on Slack with any questions. If you’d like to see something specific implemented for the next version of the SDK, let me know!