Android SDK v0.3.0 release planning

Had a call with @friedger to discuss our plan for moving the Android SDK forward towards the v0.3.0 release.

You can view the v0.3.0 project board on github here:

Feature parity with blockstack.js specifically with regards to authentication and storage functionality will be the top priority for this release.

We’ll also make improvements to how blockstack sessions are initialized so that implementation complexity is hidden from developers using the API.

Finally, we’ll work on consistency of API behavior when errors occur.

In the future, we discussed the desirability of reusing the same test cases across API implementations on all of our supported platforms: JavaScript, iOS, Android, and Ruby. @friedger has been so kind to do a bit of initial research and start the discussion.

If there’s something else you’d like to see, please let us know!

@larry @friedger, I was under the impression that encryption was already working with the Android SDK. Based on this issue, I guess not?

Encryption is working if you use the methods to read and write files to gaia storage - putFile and getFile. This is about exposing the ability to encrypt & decrypt arbitrary content without necessarily writing it to gaia - the equivalent of the encryptContent and decryptContent methods in blockstack.js.

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Whew, scared me! Thanks, Larry.