Android/ iOS integration with Blockstack

I am just starting to get used to how blockstack works and it looks like a great way to create quick, decentralized apps.

However, how can you create an app for a mobile device? Will the user need to download a ‘blockstack engine’ for their device, before they can install a blockstack app?

Or is this all seamlessly done from the back end, and the user remains completely unaware they are running a dapp on their phone?

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@hitwill We are currently making the changes needed to enable mobile apps. Currently the blockstack engine would need to be running on the phone. We are migrating that code to JS and once that is complete then we will have more detailed instructions on how to build mobile applications.

Oh thanks Jack, this makes sense I guess. (Been looking for the answer for a while.)

Just to understand, after migration is complete, would I just need to create my app and list it on the app store? My major concern is regarding onboarding a user.

I know there is nothing definite right now, but basically, if all goes as planned, would blockstack apps be identical to regular android apps, from the point of view of the user?

@hitwill Thats the plan. We would like the experience to be like the other native applications on your phone.


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