Amazon, Google, Facebook and Uber

Discussion: Are the giants going to…

  1. be replace by corresponding blockstack dapps?

This basically means that another online shop opens and satisfies the people here on Blockstack.

  1. release their own blockstack dapps?

The all realize that Blockstack has an impact, and they want to participate as well. So they enable users to use their service with Blockstack. This on the other hand implies that the giant might loose access to data.

  1. co-exist with apps that translate between humans and the giants?

Translation can be seen as a dapp that handles the data flow to the giants.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Please let’s have a discussion :slight_smile:

I’d consider a combination of #1 and #3 as the most likely success scenario, with #2 being unlikely to happen until at least late into broad industry adoption of Blockstack.

I think they will each have their own platforms for people to buy and sell items within a marketplace. Paxful is a good example and has no fees for sellers. I think each of these companies will evolve to perform the same action and become platforms.

They will fight till the end.

est Blockstack worth 100 millions. So Blockstack need x150 to get even with Facebook earning Q1 2019…

Right now, only Bitcoin has enough power to fight big brothers. Of course, if Blockstack somehow works same as Bitcoin then maybe we have a chance too.