After logging into my account its all blank

I can’t login with my keychain. Using my keychain and password logs into an account on which I don’t have anything verified. The app also asked me to enter my email again. How does this work ? Can you recover an account? Since I verified my linked in and twitter on the first keychain I created, I cannot verify the again. Not sure if I should try to create another account? I’m all lost, can’t figure this out.

If I email you or send you my blockchain address, could you recover the account or at least delete it so I can redo it again?

Advice will be greatly appreciated

I guess, I cannot explain this better. If I lose my keychain is my account lost forever?

Hey @Killawasper, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

What was the ID address you had? It will be listed in your social proofs. When you enter your 12-word backup phrase, do you get the same ID address in the profile page?

As long as you have your 12 word key chain phrase, you should have control of your ID. Even if you loose your encryption password.

Other people can not recover your ID. If you loose the 12 word phrase and don’t have a browser with the key stored, you truly loose it. You can, however, get your 12 word phrase from your browser if you remember the password you encrypted your private key with.

Ok. I understand. I will save the 12 word phrase and write it down so I dont lose my ID

Thanks for the guide and fast response!