Afari: Decentralized Social Media

Hi everyone,

My team and I are building Afari, a decentralized social network built on Blockstack. We currently support micro-blogging and photo sharing and will release our Web app soon to the Blockstack community.

Learn more about us and our team in this video:

Help us better understand how we can make social media that meets your needs by sharing your thoughts with us on this survey.

Moreover, if you’re the kind of person who’s ready to switch away from centralized to decentralized social media ASAP, we’d love to learn more about you and how Afari can be valuable to you! Do leave a reply to this post or email us at [email protected] and we’ll connect with you!


What is the current status?

The “Sign up to get notified when we launch” link never sends a confirmation email. Interested in the project!

There’s links to the latest versions of the Android and iOS apps on the site.

For your convenience here are the app store links for both versions:
Afari iOS
Afari Android

Happy to chat more about your interest – email is [email protected]

Thanks for being an early adopter!


For me the Android item isn’t available

That’s strange! Let’s diagnose in Slack or via email. We’ll need some info about your device to understand why that’s happening.


Are you considering open sourcing the code? e.g. on github? I suspect you’d get plenty of people to help contribute code, and certainly bug reports:


  1. The ios app v2.0 still says “Failed to fetch information about the app requesting authentication. Please contact the app maintainer to resolve the issue.” when attempting to “Login with Blockstack”.
  2. If you use the “Create New Account” button, and then it the back arrow, it quits.
  3. If you use the “Create Blockstack Account” button, it gives the same message as above.


I can’t get to the iOS link either. Not sure if the link you provided is still active.

I’m pretty sure Afari has shut down operations.


That would be too bad, that should at least release the source on GitHub.

Please look at our update here